Interview: Angela Marinucci, Erie County Clerk Candidate


Welcome to Springville interviewed Erie County Clerk Candidate Angela Marinucci in this episode recorded in September 2018.

Co-hosts Jessica Schuster and Kara Kane heard from Angela as she talked about her background in law. She shared ideas to make the clerk’s office more efficient and effective. Common sense things, like speeding up the background check process for pistol permits, and making sure clerk’s offices have public restrooms. Or ideas that prioritize child safety, such as adding fields to child identifications that note allergies and medical conditions.

If the W2S production team (!) had time we would want to put out a transcript of the whole interview. It’s that informative. But our time is limited, and we’re already planning our next episode, so please listen to this one!

As an aside, Welcome to Springville also spoke to Steve Cichon, who ran for this position in 2017.

For extra credit reading, the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women released its Women in Elected Office report in July 2018.

Every county-wide elected office is currently held by a man. Take a look at the report – historically and currently, the disparity is striking. 

Candidate info: (this will make sense if you listen to the end of the episode!)

Intro by Rich Place; original music by Allan Braman.

And we forgot to get a picture with our interview guest. Because we're still amateurs mostly. 


(about 32 minutes)


Jun 16, 2018 11:41 mcmurray


Recording: Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz Presents School Consolidation Initiative


W2S recorded Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz as he presented his school district consolidation study at the North Collins Public Library on May 7 to a packed room. 

This is the beginning of a county-wide conversation about the opportunities and challenges inherent in looking for ways to achieve cost savings while maintaining and improving our educational system. 

In our last episode, SGI school board member Tyler Sullivan referred to this quote: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein

Poloncarz is offering a new way of thinking about our school districts. In the opinion of this podcast, that's called being part of the solution.


About 46 minutes.

Music by Allan Braman.

Interview: Tyler Sullivan, SGI Board of Education Candidate


Welcome to Springville spoke with Springville-Griffith Institute Board of Education Candidate Tyler Sullivan. Going with a school theme, he gets an A+ for giving his time and insights to our podcast - the W2S team apologizes for the slightly garbled parts in sound quality - we're still learning!

Make a point to vote in the school board and budget election on May 15 from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. All information is available at the SGI web site/Budget Bulletin

Our conversation includes Tyler's perspectives on challenges and opportunities facing public education and SGI. We hope to have him on again as a guest to speak about district topics.

Thank you, Tyler!

As time allows W2S will interview and publish an interview with the other candidate, Dan Miess. Incumbents Tyler and Dan are running for the two seats that will be open when the next term starts on July 1.

(About 14 minutes)


Field Trip: Earth Day with Green Springville


Great weather. Educational stations. Snacks. 

Folks, we only have the only planet to live on. Screwing it up is not a good idea

A look at the Green Springville Earth Day event on April 22, 2018 at the Springville Center for the Arts.

Edited for length! We had to cut out some great bits because of too much background noise - we're learning!

Original song performed by one of my favorite people, "The Salamander Song." Perfect for Earth Day.

Original music by Allan Braman. Support Local Music.

13 minutes.

Interview: Rachel Barnhart, NY-25 Congressional Candidate


Welcome to Springville spoke to Rachel Barnhart soon after she officially launched her campaign for the NY-25 Congressional District. She faces a field of four Democratic challengers to compete for the seat left empty by Rep. Louise Slaughter's passing.

Barnhart is an author, journalist and community advocate who started Rochester for All. She wrote Broad, Casted after shifting from a career as a broadcast journalist and running as a candidate for the NYS Assembly. 

To purchase Barnhart's book, visit or the book's web site.

Rochester for All - nonpartisan organization committed to government transparency and accountability.

Rachel for Congress - campaign web site for Barnhart's 2018 congressional bid.

Rachel Barnhart on Twitter

Barnhart outlined priorities for the 25th district - including fiber internet and the need for access and affordability. Barnhart is used to asking tough questions of elected officials and government agencies, and gave this advice to others who wish to hold their representatives accountable:

- show up for meetings

- file FOIL requests

- start a blog and use social media to voice your opinions.

Much more inside the pod - thanks for listening!

This episode features original music by composer Allan Braman. We sincerely dig it. Support local music.

23 minutes.

PSA: Save Lives With Narcan


Welcome to Springville has its first Public Service Announcement with basic information about Narcan training from the Erie County Department of Health. Get trained and get a kit.


2 minutes

Interview: Steve Cichon, Buffalo’s Very Own …


We welcomed Steve Cichon to the Welcome to Springville podcast in April at the 49 Coffee House and Eatery. Cichon has written six books, teaches courses at a local college, and is a recognizable reporter in WNY. His long career in broadcasting and a recent candidacy for county-wide office have demonstrated both his professionalism and love for WNY.

Listen as we discuss the worlds of radio, history, journalism, politics and community.

Steve said, to paraphrase, that the people of Buffalo are one of its greatest natural resources. The Welcome to Springville Team agrees, and would add that Steve is a remarkable resource for WNY.

Follow Steve @stevebuffalo on Twitter. Read his work at And listen to him on Buffalo’s Very Own WECK 1230 AM 102.9 FM.

Intro song is the classic “Row Row Row Your Boat.” Outro music is by Acme Anvil Corp: Spaghetti Sandwich. Support local artists.


About 40 minutes including music.

Field Trip: Vidler’s


Butter lamb ornaments and so much candy, just up the road at Vidler's in East Aurora.

About 15 minutes - edited down from a 45 minute adventure!

Episode 3 - Welcome to April


News from the Springville Center for the Arts, Gentner Auction, Sprague Brook Park, SGI Schools and Athletics, Village of Springville, Arts Cafe, Crosby's, 49 Coffee House and Eatery, Collins Center and the Clock Tower in the Pocket Park.

Recorded at Main Street Pizzeria and Cafe. Try the corned beef hash and the jalapeno poppers.

Music: "Tiny Turtle," two versions, strong and extra spicy.

8 minutes

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